With our experienced team of local sourcing experts we are able to support our clients in the identification, evaluation and implementation of best suppliers from emerging procurement markets. Benefits of global sourcing include:

  • Sourcing directly from suppliers
  • Sustainable procurement savings and competitive advantage.
  • Taking advantage of capacity in emerging markets
  • Retaining the margins charged by agents and distributors.

Suppliers represent one of the major success factors to our clients, so it is our goal to identify, qualify, develop and manage the best suppliers for our Clients worldwide. In order to achieve this goal, we offer access to the joined forces of over 25 consultants operating in 5 countries around the world.

We use our own uniquely developed methodology consisting of 4 optional modules, that help us to manage reliability and quality of sourcing results.

Expertise Our Global Sourcing

Consultants are engineers who combine quality management and manufacturing know-how with deep knowledge of the local supplier market.

Our tools range from the development of supply market intelligence, supplier shortlisting, RFIs, sourcing, negotiation through to ‘Quick check audits’ and cover the whole process. They draw from experience gained from a minimum of 10 years and are well-proven by our client´s requirements.

In addition, we maintain and develop a validated supplier database that has been built over the last ten years.

Our Clients benefit from our project management experience and we can provide cost advantages and speed. During the last year, we have successfully delivered over 30 Global Sourcing projects. We add value far beyond our fees.

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